When it comes to wedding photography, there are so many things going on it can be hard to take the time to make sure you look your best on your big day. Thankfully there are some very easy things you can do that really make a difference. We all have a feature that we don’t want to highlight in pictures and the last thing you want is to be distracted or unhappy with your wedding photos.


If it wasn’t difficult enough to look good for the photographer, you may also need to be aware of a video camera. This is an entirely different monster, but luckily the only thing you really have to do is look as happy as you feel throughout the day. In the end, your wedding video will be a compilation of the best moments of the day and won’t include any undesirable footage. However, the happier you look the more footage the editor has to chose from, and that directly translates to your happiness with the final product!


Your photographer and videographer will do all they can to capture you at your best, but even then there are things you can do and poses you can choose that are the most flattering to you and do a good job of concealing those features you may want to disguise.


It may seem silly to practice your smile, but honestly it does wonders. It is very hard to harness that genuine smile we have when we hear or see something funny, but with a little practice you can replicate it. The best trick (Tyra Banks always says it!) is to smile with your eyes. When your smile is genuine your eyes widen so that can make a big difference when replicating a smile. Even if you’re planning on taking some more elegant and serious photos, it’s still a good idea to practice having some life in your eyes so you don’t come across with a blank stare.

How to look your best in your wedding photos


We have all seen it. The A-list celebrities we know and love always look so perfect on the Red Carpet, but how?! Apart from the amazing clothing they wear, there are a couple poses that almost every female celebrity has done that do a wonderful job of making those annoying features disappear. The concept is fairly simple. Turn your body sideways to the camera, giving the illusion that you are much slimmer, then transfer your weight to your back foot and give a big smile.n There are many variations you can make to make it more unique, but the basic idea stays the same.


Even if you are tall, remember to stand and sit up straight and elongate your neck by keeping your shoulders down. When your bridesmaids are lacing up your dress, when you’re walking down the aisle, when you are taking photos with your new husband you don’t want to look hunched. Making sure your head is up and pushed slightly forward will accentuate your chin which is always a good thing. All of this will improve your posture and give you an air of confidence and elegance. Practice keeping a straight back before the wedding to get used to the feel. You can also improve your posture by doing Yoga and Pilate’s exercises to improve your core strength. It may not sound like it will make a difference, but you will notice it in your photos!

How to look your best in your wedding photos
How to look your best in your wedding photos


Your wedding photographer and videographer will always try and capture you in the best light and at the most flattering angles, but it helps to know what those angles are before the day of the wedding. Research photos of people who look similar to you and see what angles work best for them. Also be aware that in group photos the person standing closest to the camera looks bigger. So if you are tiny and your bridesmaids are all taller than you, you may want to be placed slightly in front of them. And vice versa if you’re all about the same size and you don’t want to appear bigger than them!


Sometimes we get so busy we forget to do the most basic things for ourselves on the days leading up to the wedding. So do all the normal things that are good for you – drinking lots of water, moisturizing, getting enough sleep, cutting back on booze and greasy foods since it can counteract all the water you’re drinking, and make sure your groom is doing the same! Some grooms may not be very aware of how much the camera will capture, so at the very least having the men moisturize on the morning of the wedding will help make them look their best.

How to look your best in your wedding photos


Keeping a few small things in mind can also help when taking your wedding photos.

Placing your hands on your hips can make your waist appear smaller and legs slightly longer, but keep your fingers together!

If you want to look seductive, you have to believe it! Act like the hottest girl on the planet and it will come across in your photos.

Don’t over-pluck your eyebrows, you need them to help frame your face.

Be energetic and have fun!



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