Scotland was a personal travel series shoot that included landscape photography as well as portrait photography with a local model.  Chloe Armstrong is a 16 year old model based out of Glasgow who made the hour long trip to Edinburgh to be part of this project. Also working with us on this project was Paulina Nowakowska who did make up and hair.


We started on Victoria Street, freshly soaked with the morning rain, and had an Audrey Hepburn theme in mind for the shoot.  Even at age 16, Chloe turned out to have an ideal look to achieve the final image of what was originally envisioned for this series.


A second model was originally scheduled for the second location at Craigmillar Castle, but when she backed out, Chloe came along to do that shoot as well.  We timed it so we could catch the sunset as the gates to the castle closed for the evening so we were able to capture some beautiful cloud coverage that hung over the horizon allowing the sun to peak through. The salmon colored dress that we chose for this location played well with the warm tones from the sunset.


The trip was with McKay Photography Academy, and we traveled from Edinburgh to Aberdeen to Inverness to Harris to Skye to Loch Ness to Glasgow. They are based in Sacramento and offer photography tours all over the world. If it wasn’t for their photography tours, we probably would have never experienced so much in one trip.


Everything was shot on Canon 5Ds, mostly with the Sigma lens 1.4, and a select few with the canon 24-70 & 70-200 L series lenses.


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