16 Sep What to Wear for your Engagement Session: Tips, Tricks and Inspiration

To all of the recently engaged couples out there… congratulations! Engagement is a special snapshot in time for you and your significant other to experience together. Whether it be long or short, what better way to commemorate and look back on your memories from this time than through a photo shoot! Perhaps you’ve already planned a session and are looking for some outfit ideas (though if this is the first you’ve ever heard of an engagement shoot, feel free to get inspired too!). Here are some tips and examples that we’ve gathered to help you figure out what to wear for your engagement shoot! 


Personality & Comfort

The most important factors to consider when choosing outfits for engagement shoots is your personality, style and desired level of comfort. If you are naturally casual and love jeans, don’t feel like dressing up is mandatory. Anything that lets your personality shine through that also portrays the best version of yourself will work. Likewise, if you enjoy dressing up and are comfortable with more glamorous attire, by all means go for it! There are no wrong decisions in an outfit choice that reflects your personality and preferences.



If you’re feeling truly indecisive, the most important guideline to consider is your comfort. Be mindful of the weather and prepare accordingly, as it can be hard to focus if you’ve dressed too lightly or haven’t prepared for the chance of rain. 


Classic & Timeless

As far as different styles go, the options are numerous and open ended. Our photographers do recommend that you choose something that you know will remain tasteful and timeless to you (avoid wearing fashions or logos that you may regret later). 


Complimentary Outfits

Regardless of style, complimentary colors are perfect for adding a sense of continuity to your engagement photos. While two people wearing the same color in the exact same way can inadvertently cause the (possibly unwanted!) twinning effect, color coordination is all about wearing individual shades of the same color family, and can tie everything together beautifully. Some ideas are to pair together different shades of neutral colors (such as gray or tan), or mix it up with pastel versions of brighter colors such as green or pink.


Another effective color coordination method is the pairing of complementary colors, which naturally look good in the same frame. You can also incorporate color creatively with patterns and accessories. One person might wear a pattern in one color, and the other an accessory in the same color to balance it out; or maybe one person’s dress is a brilliant shade of red that compliments the vibrant blue shade in another’s tie. 



Including an accessory or two is a fun way to show your personality in an engagement session, and can also serve several other purposes. A bright accessory such as a headband, scarf, bowtie or a belt can add a pop of color to enhance a neutral frame, and can even add a seasonal theme depending on the time of year. If you get cold easily, why not bring a favorite scarf or a unique sweater to enhance your look while keeping you warm? If it happens to be raining during your outdoor session, why not include an umbrella for some interesting poses and memories? 





Weather can be inevitable, and depends on the climate of your chosen location. Our best advice is to come prepared! When in doubt, bring convenient layers and other outfit choices. If your session takes place during the winter, think boots, sweaters, coats, scarves and warm hats if you choose. It can also be a great opportunity to theme with bright holiday colors. Springtime is great for pastels and floral prints, while summer’s heat is perfect for lighter clothing choices.




Glamorous and/or Themed

Engagement photos are all about you and the window of your life together before another adventure. It’s always fun to spice up the event with glamour or creative themes. The best thing about themed engagement sessions is their versatility! 




Wedding Reflective

Some couples decide to make their engagement a sort of “preview” of the real day, reflected by what they wear. Usually the attire is less formal than wearing a real wedding dress or a tux, though the bride might wear a version of a “classic” gown while the groom dons a bowtie or a vest. It’s also be a great time to practice hair and/or makeup (HMU) looks for the big day, or get used to your veil! If you have a HMU trial scheduled before your wedding, why not make schedule your engagement session on the same day to get a feel for how your look will play out on camera? 




To Conclude … 

Remember that the main details to consider are your comfort, the season and weather, location, and any goals you may have for the session. Feel free to be inspired by some of our examples here, and get creative with your own ideas. Engagement sessions are a way to celebrate your time together before your wedding day, so the most important thing to do is to wear your best smile, and have fun!

Another congratulations from our team on your engagement, and best of luck with you brainstorming!



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