05 May Geray & Joshua’s 1920’s Inspired Engagement & Wedding

We thought it would be fun to include Geray & Joshua’s engagement photos along with their wedding photos to this post. Both sessions reflect what a fun, loving couple they are and we loved both shoots! They have a cool vintage style that carried through from the engagement to their wedding which was super fun to capture. While we were taking their engagement photos on a hot Sacramento summer day last year, we happened by Sharif Jewelers who invited us all in to escape the heat and take some photos. Notice some extra jewelry on Geray in the indoor photos?? That was courtesy of Sharif for the photos. We thought they turned out so well that we made a sample ad for Sharif Jewelers and sent it to them to see how the photos turned out. It was a very fun engagement shoot with a fun and easy going couple and we were so happy that in just a few more months we’d be photographing them at their wedding!

Geray&JoshuaEngagementPhotos160  Geray&JoshuaEngagementPhotos161Geray&JoshuaEngagementPhotos162  Geray&JoshuaEngagementPhotos163Geray&JoshuaEngagementPhotos167  Geray&JoshuaEngagementPhotos176Geray&JoshuaEngagementPhotos168  Geray&JoshuaEngagementPhotos175Geray&JoshuaEngagementPhotos170  Geray&JoshuaEngagementPhotos169Geray&JoshuaEngagementPhotos165  Geray&JoshuaEngagementPhotos166Geray&JoshuaEngagementPhotos172  Geray&JoshuaEngagementPhotos171

Before we knew it we were at Vizcaya capturing Geray and Joshua’s wedding. They carried their vintage style through to the wedding which works really well with the mansions classic feel. Small details like the headpieces the bridesmaids wore and their black white and gold embellished cake were a great nod to the 1920’s. Both bride and groom looked as amazing as ever and they seemed to thoroughly enjoy the day with a few tears, but mostly smiles and sweet moments together. We are very excited for the newly married couple and wish them all the best!
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