07 Apr Outdoor Portraits in South Lake Tahoe

We have been working with the Meng family for years. Zoë is featured on one of our windows in our studio and was also one of the mermaids during our Lake Tahoe mermaid shoot! This time Zoë and her brother Eli needed some more professional portraits, and their mom wanted prints of both of them for their house. We ventured into the woods and got some great shots of the two of them, then went down to water to take some more professional portraits. Both of them are pretty comfortable in front of the camera and are super fun subjects. It was a perfect day weather wise, which made for some great lighting and we think the images turned out great!


Thanks again to the Meng’s, we can’t wait to work more with you in the future!


TahoePortraitSession018  TahoePortraitSession019TahoePortraitSession020  TahoePortraitSession021TahoePortraitSession001  TahoePortraitSession016  TahoePortraitSession002TahoePortraitSession017TahoePortraitSession003  TahoePortraitSession007TahoePortraitSession006TahoePortraitSession004  TahoePortraitSession005TahoePortraitSession008  TahoePortraitSession009TahoePortraitSession022  TahoePortraitSession012