03 Jun Behind the Scenes – Ground Control Systems Video at UC Davis

One of our latest video productions, a look at the cycling infrastructure and culture at UC Davis, is almost a wrap! We spent a few days on campus with students, key people in the bicycle transportation department, landscape architects, Ken McLeod from the League of American bicyclists (all the way from D.C.) and the head honchos at Ground Control Bike Systems (formerly Park A Bike) to get everything we need to cut together a documentary-style short film about all things biking and boarding on the campus.

UC Davis is classified as a Platinum Level Bicycle Friendly University on the League of American Bicyclists list of bicycle friendly campuses. As just one of five campuses in the country to have earned this classification, the video is aiming to give an inside look as to how they achieved it and how other campuses can too. We knew we wanted to capture the feel of the campus and the cycling culture so we packed up all of our best gear including our Movi steadycam and drone to get some great shots of students and faculty riding through campus. We had a great time experiencing all things cycling at UC Davis and below are some behind the scenes shots of the production and the XSiGHT team doing what they do best! Be sure to check back for the finished video in a week or two!

UC Davis video by XSiGHT SacramentoUC Davis video by XSiGHT Sacramento UC Davis video by XSiGHT SacramentoUC Davis video by XSiGHT Sacramento  UC Davis video by XSiGHT SacramentoVideo_Produciton_Sacramento_Ground_Control_Bike_Parking_Systems_UC_Davis_006Video_Produciton_Sacramento_Ground_Control_Bike_Parking_Systems_UC_Davis_007Video_Produciton_Sacramento_Ground_Control_Bike_Parking_Systems_UC_Davis_008  Video_Produciton_Sacramento_Ground_Control_Bike_Parking_Systems_UC_Davis_014Video_Produciton_Sacramento_Ground_Control_Bike_Parking_Systems_UC_Davis_009  Video_Produciton_Sacramento_Ground_Control_Bike_Parking_Systems_UC_Davis_010Video_Produciton_Sacramento_Ground_Control_Bike_Parking_Systems_UC_Davis_011  Video_Produciton_Sacramento_Ground_Control_Bike_Parking_Systems_UC_Davis_012Video_Produciton_Sacramento_Ground_Control_Bike_Parking_Systems_UC_Davis_016  Video_Produciton_Sacramento_Ground_Control_Bike_Parking_Systems_UC_Davis_017Video_Produciton_Sacramento_Ground_Control_Bike_Parking_Systems_UC_Davis_015