17 Mar Nicole’s Award Winning Album “Maddie & Pooh”

Our lead photographer Nicole Sepulveda recently won several WPPI awards for her photography and design skills! The WPPI Annual is photography’s leading live print, album and film-making competition. Nicole has won numerous WPPI awards over the years and this year she was awarded Silver for her album “Pooh & Maddie” where she combined hand-painted watercolor images with photographs she took of two year old Madison.


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Nicole says that the idea for Winnie the Pooh as the theme for the album came about when she decided to experiment with incorporating a sketch into a photo. 

I liked the idea of it but I was’t sure how I would do it or if it would make sense…. Then I came to the Winnie the Pooh stories and how the main character (Christopher Robin) is the actual child of the author and how he was written into the stories and adventures of his beloved stuffed bear. So I thought about drawing in the characters to a new “Christopher Robin” character, and thought Madison would be a great subject for this concept idea.


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Madison is the daughter of Scott Rodier, the owner of XSiGHT and is no stranger to having her photo taken! As the idea for the album grew, Nicole sketched out a storyboard as reference for the photographs she needed to take of Maddie, took the photos, hand painted the watercolor backgrounds and characters and experimented with combining them to get the final look.


I’ve always had a knack for drawing and sketching and was excited to try and combine the two mediums…. I feel like I found a good combination of layers and effects to achieve the look I was hoping for. The look isn’t quite there yet, but I am quite pleased with this first attempt.


She’s already talking about ideas for next years submissions, but we want to congratulate her on this years achievements and show off her amazing work!


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 The Design Process:





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